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Virtual Reality (VR3) VRCD400-SDU wiring harness pinout info

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(the diagram is located at the bottom of the page)

Here is the wiring pin-out of the wiring harness at the back of the:


Virtual Reality (VR3) VRCD400-SDU car stereo / head unit.


If you do not have the wiring harness that plugs in the back of the stereo to connect the speakers & power wires, etc., you can solder wires directly to the pins in the connector on the back of the radio. Only if you do not want to buy or spend the money on a new harness, after all these stereos are not very expensive to begin with. Here is the info to do it if you need to. Mine did not come with a harness, so I had to figure out what all the pins did, & decided to make a diagram for the connector & thought I would post it on my site here incase anyone else needed it.


I do not know if this diagram will apply to all years / models, but my VRCD400-SDU was manufactured in October, 2007 according to the sticker. I am fairly certain it will apply to ALL VRCD400-SDU radios.


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