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        Pyramid PHASE III by Tenna model PS-20

         Precision Regulated DC Power Supply




 (The schematic is at the bottom of this page, or click here)



Power Supply Specifications: 



117vAC 60Hz

Fuse Protected



13.8V DC

20AMP. With Surge Protection

Fully Regulated

Low Ripple

Electronic Overload Protection

Instant Automatic Reset




For reference; C1, D1, & D2 are labeled on the regulator board, however, they are not installed there; they are located on the larger PCB with the five larger filter capacitors. TR1 is not on the regulator board either; it is mounted on the rear heat sink.

Here are pictures of the regulator circuit that was found in this power supply.               (click on images for full size)


Schematic Diagram: (click image for full size schematic)